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Our hind a position that the back also is special key for the skin to us, because have a lot of skin disease particularly incidental these two positions are carried on the back after our prothorax is mixed, because these two positions perspire very easily, so also may because perspire later pore systole and diastole are too fast and bring about allergy, can appear a few little red place, so hind is the back a few longer how should little red place do?

 The back has little red place after

Long little red place is how to return a responsibility on 1 body

Body allergy. This kind of circumstance also is commonner, this kind of circumstance needs to find allergen, avoid to contact allergen again can.

Mosquito bite. This kind of circumstance is in summer is commonner, need not do assorted commonlyShanghai night net

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processing, after period of time, the little red place that goes up personally can disappear.

Wool bursa horn dies disease. This kind of phenomenon does not need treatment commonly, slowly little red place can disappear, attribute normal phenomenon, need not too too alarmed.

Spider mole. Because hepatic disease is caused,this kind of phenomenon is, get when liver the injury of certain level, cause liver function metabolization is disorder, estrogen destroys vivid obstacle, bring about overmuch estrogen is accumulated inside body, make skin blood capillary diffuses outwards thereby, appear like similar spider shape little red place. This kind of situation needs treatment, need causes height to take seriously.

 The back has little red place after


Remind everybody here, if go up to grow little red place for long personally, if be not being retreated for long however, must cause height to take seriously, see a doctor in time to professional hospital.

2 back appear little red place is how to do

Body dash forward show red dot importance can diameter of characteristic of dot of blood of skin blood dot exceeds 2 millimeter tall skin to behave pressurization fade to become aware the basis describes characteristic of rash of quick sex rash apparently tall skin presses fade and blood of Lv of urticant take an examination waiting for place is nodded

The skin shows hematic dot or Yu spot hintForum of Shanghai night net

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Different of hemostatic function hair changes aberrant and hemostatic function by cruor of hemal, blood board 3 person be over jointly any pathological changes bring about hematic phenomenon hair to cause skin blood to nod a disease:

One, hemal sex disease: Dimension element C is lacked (scorbutic) ; quick sex is purpuric — woolLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Inflammation of fine hemal and abnormal reactivity makes tube wall is connected appear a gender to increase only official of the viscera inside its shows drag in of oedema of skin blood dot bellyacke, articulatory aching hematuria, albuminuria someNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Some contagion epidemic is hematic heat, septicemia, anoxic reach poison to wait damage blood capillary wall to make its are connected appear a gender to increase clearance of hematic cell tube wall to flow make blood capillary brittleness increases easy burst some circumstanceForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Bring about blood

 The back has little red place after

2, hematic board different: Hematic board amount reachs functional decline less to bring about blood to see at again blood of sex of leukaemia of obstacle sex anaemia, China sex, former hair board reduce sexual purpura, afterwards to send a gender hematic board purpura

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3, cruor lack: Spot of Yu of form of solid of Yi Ning of blood of burst of blood-vessel of cruor lack skin because ministry cruor is hepatic close and K of need dimension element participates in reason liver pathological changes or dimension element K is lacked often easy blood its are chronic the disease such as nephritis, systematization lupus erythematosus some the eyewinker disturbs cruor Cheng character

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