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In the home, if encounter the person of talking halitosis, everybody can be detested exceedingly, the reason of halitosis is very much, for instance carelessly the smoking with buccal long-term perhaps cleanness and drink etc, return the case with some person occurrence very smelly belch, if this kind of circumstance is not seasonable processing, can affect normal communication result, so is belch very smelly how to do?

Belch is very smelly how to do

The first, is belch very smelly how to do? Ferial in a few friends had encountered those who eat to cannot help belly-worship, after eating, do not take care to hit a belch, those who come out is the taste with bad stink however, odour is unpleasant and main it is food of the digestive in the stomach too cross numerous and jumbled, indigestion of intestines and stomach, did not digest food to accumulate ferment of generation1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Gas, pass belch and release from inside the mouth. Tangerine skin tea. With makings: 50g of fresh tangerine skin. Practice: Lacerate tangerine skin, add a few white sugar, boiled water develops bubble, when tea drink. Usage: Daily drink 1-3 second, to abdominal distension disappear, without apparent belch till. Effect: Use at spending indigestion gently, the stomach bilges gas.

Belch is very smelly how to do

The 2nd, hawkthorn wheat young tea leaves. With makings: Unripe hawkthorn, fry malt each 15g. Practice: Mix hawkthorn malt put the simmer in water in water 2 times, take out soup juice, acting tea is drinkable. Usage: EveryFall in love with the sea

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Day 2, morning and evening is drinkable, count even drink day, to bilge gas disappears, without belch till. Effect: Use at surfeit, Shanghai noble baby

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Dyspepsia is not changed.

The 3rd, join tea in vain. With makings: Join a 4-5 in vain piece practice: Will join a buy teacup in vain inside, enter boiled water, the cap on the lid, 3-5 after minute drinkable. Usage: Drink tea only water, stay ginseng piece. It is commonly after eat drinkable. One day does not exceed 2 times, every time 5-10 milliliter is advisable, excessive of avoid by all means. Take for the first time should a few. A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Effect: Use at food indigestion, gas is accumulated inside the stomach.

Belch is very smelly how to do

Is belch very smelly how to do? Buckwheat noodles in soup. With makings: Buckwheat 2 packets, xianggu mushroom 4, bamboo shoot 5, green Chinese onion 1, gallinaceous essence is right amount, condiment of noodles in soup is right amount, balm a few. Practice: Dissect of bamboo shoot of husband’s younger sister, green Chinese onion cuts into shreds, 500 milliliter water and essence of right amount chicken, Xianggu mushroom, bamboo shoot is put in boiler, after be being burned, put buckwheat and green Chinese onion, boil 1-2 again minute, add recuperation of noodles in soup and sesame oil can. Effect: DisappearLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Indigestion feed, clear bowel.

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