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Going up various problems always can appear on the body of the back of a person of age, among them vein problem also is medium a kind of most common problem on old people body. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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If a person discovers next limb blood-vessel are apparently possible,be to suffer from went up varicosity, although come on outspreadly in vein inchoate can not bring too big symptom behave to the patient, but vein dilate can not cause vein blood-vessel to defeat if cure is seasonableA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Crack. Combed the reason of vein dilate for everybody next.

 Vein dilate is what reason

What reason brings about varicosity?

The reason that brings about lower limbs varicosity is very much, see at most for shallow varicosity of pure sex lower limbs, its are main the function that the pathogeny is a concealed vein valve is not complete. Additionally one kind of important pathogeny sees function of valve of deep vein of lower limbs of sex of Yu Yuan hair is not complete (PDVI) , because its often incorporate function of valve of vein of old hidden from view is not complete, show simple table venous more circuitous dilate.

Additional, after thrombosis of lower limbs deep vein ask for integratedly, because of deep vein circumfluence not free, hypertrophy of bone of deformation of the fistula of arteries and veins of activity of lower limbs of circuitous and outspread; that produces sex of shallow vein acting countervail, vein is asked for integratedly also can lower limbs shallow varicosity behaves suffocate suffocate of circumfluence of vein of the antrum below; , if cloth is added,ask for integratedly, also can bring about lower limbs varicosity.

 Vein dilate is what reason

It is the age, sexual distinction next: Because limbs vein is pressed,amount to in body length only highest when just amount to highest pressureShanghai night net

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, preadolescence body is not tall, reason vein caliber is lesser, all can prevent vein dilate, although have 30 years old ago,suffer from serious varicosity so, but great majority is to follow the age to increase, vein wall and valve are broken gradually1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Go its tension, semiotic aggravate forces patient go to a doctor.

 Vein dilate is what reason

How should varicosity prevent?

The person with obese 1. should reduce weight, fat although not be immediate cause, but overweight force is pressed on the leg to may cause circumfluence of leg ministry vein not free, make vein dilate aggravating.

2. is engaged in for a long time hard physical labor and stand for a long time the jobShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
person, had better wear bounce socks, shallow vein is in condition be oppressinged.

The special period such as 3. woman period and pregnancy should give leg ministry special keep an eye on, rest more, want oftenSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Massage leg ministry, help blood circulates, avoid varicosity.

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