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During the female is pregnant as fetal growth, the body of pregnant woman begins gradually produce a few change, and pregnant woman is pregnant pins and needles of 8 months occurrence finger also is to attribute a kind of very common situation, as a result of,this may be fetal be brought up gradually, oppress the nerve place of pregnant woman is brought about, and pregnant woman body appears the circumstance that is short of calcium to also can bring about occurrence finger pins and needles easily, OK and proper filling calcium.

 Be pregnant pins and needles of 8 months finger

Be pregnant what reason is pins and needles of 8 months finger?

Hand often pins and needles, as a result of,the likelihood is fetal oppressed nerve is brought about. Because be short of the appearance that calcium causes,also be likely of course. If because be short of calcium to cause,be, the proposal fills more at ordinary times fill calcic

Be pregnant 8 months take what calcium tablet good

Calcium tablet is an indispensable nutrition to pregnancy mom, because want those who pledge to get enough calciumFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Absorb, ability allows the growing growth of fetal health. The calcium that the pregnancy on market takes is counted deeply more, it many mom are asking pregnant woman filling calcium takes what calcium tablet is good that many moms are asking pregnant woman filling calcium takes what calcium tablet. When choosing calcium tablet actually, anthology contain calcium the tall, calcium tablet that contains a vitamin is possible, accurate mom are OK a few respects are bought below reference.

1, calcic content tall

Fill commonly calcic nourishment is protected1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Be good at taste or medicines and chemical reagents can tag calcic content, but still the businessman goes with calcification content content promiscuous seeing and hearing. Content of these two kinds of calcify contains calcium carbonate and dextrose acerbity calcium calcic, but both the amount that contain calcium is not same, former be as high as 40% , latter has 9% only. It is so when the choose and buy the content of particularly advertent calcium.

 Be pregnant pins and needles of 8 months finger

2, whole production information

Pregnant Mom should notice manufacturer, the site of factory, production when choosing calcic preparationShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Date, expiration period, lot number, approvalShanghai noble baby

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The detail such as article date, buy false and inferior product in order to avoid.

3, the calcium of medicine made of two or more ingredients that chooses to contain vitamin D preparation

Vitamin D can promote calcic absorption, the pregnant mammy that basks to winter inconvenience suits to choose a few compound that contain vitamin D calcic preparation, do not need to take vitamin D and cod-liver oil additionally again so, cause not easily also absorb vitamin D excessive.

4, identical calcic type absorptivity comparatives roughly.

Dot is short of what does calcium eat

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Infantile growth rate is rapidder, because this is right,nutrient demand also increases ceaselessly, measure to calcic need especially opposite relativelyForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Much. Absorb calcicly in daily life fill in order to feed mostly give priority to, the Dou Hanfeng such as common milk, bean products, vegetable’s rich calcium is qualitative, below we are specific it see infantile filling calcium what eat is good to see infantile filling calcium what eat.

 Be pregnant pins and needles of 8 months finger

1, milk: Half jins of milk, contain calcium 300 milligram, still contain a variety of amino acid, lactic acid, mineral reach a vitamin, the assimilation of stimulative calcium and absorb. And the calcic qualitative human body in milk is absorbed more easily, accordingly, milk should serve as fill daily calcic main provision. Other suckle kind of goods to be like yoghurt, cheese, grandma piece, it is good calcic origin.

Sweet clew: A year old of the following darling had better not drink milk, can cause hypersensitive condition easily.

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