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The person classics regular meeting with indigestible stomach feels heartburn, the part that feels nest of the pit of the stomach has a kind of aching feeling to always can bilge painful ache, seek the plan that is less than any settlement, afflictive because of nest of the pit of the stomach meeting lets a person find esophagus occurrence problem, and meeting companion has the appearance of inappetence, the attaint of sex of mucous membrane of gastric esophagus countercurrent is waited a moment, the person with indigestible stomach, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Because food does not have method to metabolize normally, so classics regular meeting vomits, how should this moment do?

 How does indigestible vomiting do the stomach

The stomach is indigestible how to do, it what drug take is good to what drug take?

Often gastric heartburn needs to go to a hospital doing a few examinations to judge the pathogeny. The defect that is courage causes, still be gastric bowel respect or food is undeserved cause. Be likeShanghai noble baby

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It is the heartburn that dietary stimulation causes if really, that avoids excitant food with respect to need, say to like to eat for exampleShanghai 1000Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Hot, smoking drinks wait bad dietary habit a moment to also can cause heartburn.

Is the stomach indigestible how to do? The stomach is indigestible should find a reason above all, if be gastric motivation,inadequacy is moved with respect to hurried force. If be chemical reaction,digest enzymatic be no good, that digests enzymatic, pepsin, lipase, amylase with respect to complement. Clear up a reason or need to go to a hospital checking: Exsanguinate assay, do B to exceed, gastroscope, look for the specific reason with clear indigestible stomach.

 How does indigestible vomiting do the stomach

Do not digest delicious what medicine to want to look according to the pathogeny. If be gastric motivation inadequacy, that eats add dynamic medicaments. If be enzymatic lack, of what composition indigestible cause silt to block up, can use a few digest enzymatic accelerant to be able to achieve the result, help alimental is digested deliquescent.

Accumulate in the stomach feed indigestible how to do? Accumulate in the stomach feed indigestible whether is should be being analysed above all gastric motivation inadequacy, also may be the stomach does not wriggle, perhaps lack digest enzymatic the food inside, cannotFall in love with the sea

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Blend adequately let enzymatic deliquescent etc. Gastric motivation inadequacy adds motivate force medicaments, digest enzymatic lack to digest enzymatic, albumen with respect to complement enzymatic, lipase, promote his assimilation thereby.

 How does indigestible vomiting do the stomach

How does inappetence do? Inappetence is expression of a symptom, should clear up a symptom formerShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Because of. Defect of disease of gastric bowel path, courage can not want to have a meal. Have the patient with bad liver function so, also can not want to photograph feed. If have a meal 10 times to drink boiling water suddenly, disgusting vomiting relapses instead answer, can not want to take food. Or constipation is blocked up below to be illogical, also won’t want to take food.

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