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Hypertension is a kind of commonner nowadays disease, but clinical symptom is not everybody it is same, still be because of the person different, the patient that has a lot of even if having high blood pressure also is to won’t feel he have apparent symptom, just can feel him generation dizziness is mixed now and then have a headache etc a series of expression, some moment patients still can feel disgusting vomiting is mixed lack of power etc, these are to should want bring to sb’s attention.

 Hypertensive meeting is disgusting

Hypertensive symptom because of the person different. Inchoate likelihood does not have a symptom or the symptom is not apparent, common is giddy, have a headache, neck board close, fatigue, heart-throb. Mere meeting fluctuates in insecurity of overworked, spirit, mood late unripe blood pressure is elevatory, return to normal after rest. As course of diseases1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Add is elevatory, can appear gradually all sorts of symptoms.

Be called right now delay is entered model hypertensive disease. Delay is entered model the clinical symptom with hypertensive common disease has have a headache, giddy, attention is not centered, memory drops, grow in quantity of make water of limbs coma, night, heart-throb, bosom is frowsty, lack of power etc. Hypertensive symptom and blood pressure level have definite correlation, most symptom can accentuate after insecurity or overworked, the blood pressure after early morning activity can lift quickly, occurrence early morning is hypertensive, bring about heart head blood to be in charge of incident to happen in early morning more.

Lift suddenly can appear even when certain level when blood pressure acuteness have a headache, vomiting, heart-throb, swimmy wait for a symptom, Shanghai night netShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Serious when can produce consciousness not clear, convulsive, thisSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Belong to rabid model hypertension and hypertensive danger weigh disease, much meeting is in short-term inside the harm that produces the organ such as serious heart, head, kidney and pathological changes, if stalk of apoplectic, heart, kidney declines,wait. The level with symptom and elevatory blood pressure does not have consistent relation.

The symptom that the clinical expression of hypertension of afterwards hair sex basically is concerned the primary affection and body are asked for, hypertension is one of its symptoms only. The blood pressure of patient of hypertension of afterwards hair sex is elevatory can have its oneself characteristic, if aorta shrinks narrow the blood pressure heighten that the hypertension of be caused by can be confined to tumour of chromic cell of be addicted to of upper limbs; to cause is shown clonic.

 Hypertensive meeting is disgusting

1. medical

(1) measures blood pressure correctly. Because blood pressure has a fluctuation, and the meeting when activity of rage, physical strength is caused temporarily sexual blood pressure is elevatory, because this answers at least 2 times to be in,be different from day of static breath hypertension just can be diagnosed when be being measured blood pressure is elevatorily below condition, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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And blood pressure is worth should with the average estimation that measures 3 times continuously. Careful medical conduces to discovery hypertensive clew and target organ damage afterwards hair sex circumstance

(2) measures weight index (BMI) , waistline and hip circumference.

(3) checks limb to move beating of arteries and veins and nervous system to ask for, auscultatory aorta of carotid, bosom, abdominal artery and arteria femoralis have without murmur.

(4) observation has fibroma of ill countenance of the glad that do not have a library, nerve sex of hyperfunction of sexual skin spot, thyroid function dash forward eye ask forring or lower limbs oedema.

(The heart lungs with comprehensive 5) is checked.

(6) knows patient medical history in detail in the round.

2. lab examination

 Hypertensive meeting is disgusting

Can assist the pathogeny that judges hypertension and state of target organ function. Groovy examination project has hematic convention, make water routine (include albumen, candy and make water sedimentary lens check) , supersonic and Potassium of fat of kidney function, blood sugar, blood, blood, enchanted line of X of graph, cardiogram, bosom, eye ground, dynamic blood pressure is monitored etc.

Can check further according to need and condition eye ground and carotid supersonic etc. 24 hours of dynamic blood pressure monitor the serious level that conduces to judgement blood pressure lifting, know rule of section of blood pressure day and night, blood pressure of the early morning that monitor, directive step-down cure and curative effect of evaluation step-down medicaments.

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