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The waist is too bulky, so a lot of people can think to oneself method comes fitness, the meat of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married that yields the waist gets elimination, such ability are best gymnastical purpose, in fitness when many can choose setting-up exercise, setting-up exercise has a kind be gymnastical method, doing setting-up exercise is to be able to mention sanitarian effect, but the purpose that the means that a lot of people use setting-up exercise will come to to let his get reducing weight, do not pass or a lot of people can reduce weight to this setting-up exercise the doubt that has a lot of, so reduce weight is thin waist setting-up exercise OK?

Reduce weight thin waist setting-up exercise is OK

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It is to lie on one’s back above all carry leg: 30 a group, do 4 groups.

Make the motion of this fart receiving fart, two legs want departure, two tactics is smooth put in body both sides, raise the waist come, also be to do 4 groups.

Side lies, a hand is raising a head, a hand is helping a bed up, do side to carry leg. Attention, tiptoe up, , calcaneal up, another leg coils, speed does not want too fast, not violent drop raises the leg come, slow raise come. If finished, fart fart flank can have the feeling of ache slightly. Every leg makes this motion 20 times, the last should raise will stop a little whileForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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changing another leg, also make 4 groups of motions.

Side carries when the leg finishs, take the place of the acid that take sick at heart gently with the hand, loosen muscle, not be to finish to just be patted completely. Should finish 20 are patted, change another leg to do side to carry again leg.

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Reduce weight thin waist when choice setting-up exercise is possible really, but must want range big, the rate of drawing and extend is old, the quantity of heat that use up is big, use up many adipose, so reduce weight below such circumstance thin waist just is bestForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, reducing weight thin waist when even reasonable food, the waist wants thin come down after all notNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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