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Report of The Harvard School Of Public Health points out, your body is the object that holds by several bacteria, embedded bacterium number compares style the cell is 10 times more. Bacterial side aid digestion, make vitaminic will maintain with He Ermeng skin, simple for our body is by them place palm is accused! However good bacterium also has bad bacterium, both having a balance just is the most healthy position.

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Contemporary dietary habit causes tremendous menace evenly to this, absorb too much delicate change food and candy cent to let bad bacterium aggressive. Below lopsided environment, intestines and stomach can issue the dispatch order that need eats and drink too much. But what bad bacterium loves most is to help their proliferous candy cent, and those who let their have one’s way can let you is healthy appear greatly problem. You also feel1000 flowers of ShanghaiLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Uncontrollable oneself? Do not worry, the intestines and stomach that we have 8 action to let you under is sober, be opposite no longer rubbish food addiction!

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One adds the way that good bacterium figures in digestion, eat more namely those who contain a lot ofbeneficial to give birth to bacterium is natural ferment food, seem pickle of type pickled Chinese cabbage, Korea, flavour to add, still have malic vinegar.

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